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The debugging and maintenance of nc machine tool of numerical control lathe

Luoyang HuaCheng machine tool equipment Co., LTD. TIME:1970-01-01

  I. machine tool debugging

  Machine tool in place, according to the customer's designated location, location, place.

  The machine mattress feet are well padded, the machine tool is wiped clean, and the level is adjusted.

  Fill the hydraulic oil tank, lubricating oil tank and guide rail of the machine tool with lubricating oil of corresponding grade and oil quantity, and fill the water tank of the machine tool with cutting coolant.

  According to the rated power of the machine tool, install the corresponding power supply, and install the voltage regulator and the machine tool ground wire.

  Adjust the positive and negative rotation of the machine tool spindle, and check whether the switch buttons and functions of the machine tool are normal.

  II. Precautions for use

  The machine operator must be a person who has received formal training and is qualified. When using the machine, the machine operator must read and understand the operation manual of the machine before operating the machine.

  Check whether the door of the electric cabinet is closed, whether the lubricating oil and coolant are sufficient, and whether there is no foreign matter on and around the machine tool to prevent the movement of the machine tool.

  Before operating the machine tool, please carefully check the input data to ensure that the specified feed speed is suitable for the operation of the machine tool to be carried out. If incorrect data is used or the operation is not carried out at the correct speed, the machine tool may misoperate, resulting in damage to the workpiece or the machine tool itself or personal injury.

  Before machining parts, be sure to * check the normal operation of the machine tool first, and check the correct operation of the machine tool when there is no workpiece or tool on the machine tool.

  When using the tool compensation function, please carefully check the compensation direction and compensation amount, use incorrect data to operate the machine tool, the machine tool may misoperate, which may cause workpiece or machine tool itself or even personal injury.

  When operating the machine manually, confirm the current position of the tool and workpiece and correctly specify the movement axis, direction and feed speed. When the hand wheel is rotated at a large rate during the feed of the hand wheel, the tool and the worktable will move rapidly, which may cause the hand wheel to stop rotating, but the tool and the worktable will not stop immediately. A large number of hand wheel movements may cause damage to the tool or machine tool or even personal injury.

  If the machine tool fails, please contact the machine tool supplier.

  III. machine tool maintenance

  Check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, whether the pipeline is blocked, and whether the lubricating oil and coolant are dirty and need to be replaced.

  Whether the turret rotates smoothly, whether there is interference between the installation and disassembly of the cutter, whether the tip of the cutter is damaged, whether there is dirt in the taper hole of the tailstock, and whether the taper surface is damaged.

  Regularly check whether the movement of x-axis and z-axis is smooth, and regularly clean the travel switches of x-axis and z-axis to prevent oil, water and dust from affecting the use.

  Regularly wipe the appearance of the machine tool, such as the operation panel and system display; regularly check whether there is dust in the electrical cabinet and the incoming and outgoing lines of the electrical cabinet, if there is, wipe it.

  Regularly check whether there is floating dust in the strong current panel, servo unit and spindle unit in the electrical cabinet. If there is, use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove it when the power is off.

  Regularly check and check whether the spindle fan rotates and whether there are sundries. If there are any, remove them to avoid affecting the spindle operation.

  Regularly check whether the relay on the strong current panel acts normally and replace it if necessary.

  If the system displays battery alarm, it shall be replaced with the machine tool manufacturer in time.

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